TEAMSPEAK SERVER RULES §1.1 Naming The nickname should match the ingame nickname. If necessary, the nickname can be supplemented by another nickname. Nicknames may not contain any offensive or other prohibited or protected names. §1.2 Avatar Avatars may not contain pornographic, racist or insulting content. §2.1 Congestion Dealing with other Teamspeak users should always be friendly. Verbal attacks against other users are strictly prohibited. §2.2 Server Chat The server chat should only be used in exceptional cases. §2.3 Channel hopping Channel hopping (the constant jumping from one channel to the other) is prohibited. §2.4 Making calls The recording of conversations is allowed on the entire server only after consultation with the present users of the corresponding channel. If a user does not agree to the recording, recording the conversation is prohibited. §2.5 Absence In the case of prolonged absence, the user is asked to enter the appropriate AFK channel (s). In the case of a short absence, a short logout in the channel is sufficient. §3.1 Kicks / Bans A kick or ban is never unfounded at any time, but is intended to encourage the reflection of ones own behavior. Inappropriate kicks / banns must be reported to the responsible admins. §3.2 TS3 Rights Teamspeak rights are not granted indiscriminately, but always serve a specific reason. If necessary, rights can be addressed to the appropriate admin. §3.3 Right of instruction Server admins, moderators, supporters or other authorized admins have full right of instruction. Denying a particular statement can lead to a kick or ban. §4.1 Advertising Any type of advertising is prohibited on this server. Advertising by audio tracks or avatars is strictly forbidden. If necessary, can be addressed to a responsible admin to negotiate an opportunity to advertise. §4.2 Hacker attacks Any attack against this server is punishable and will be prosecuted. §4.3 Data Protection Private data, such as telephone numbers, addresses, passwords and similar, may not be exchanged publicly. A server admin will never ask for sensitive data, such as user passwords. §5.1 Own music / sounds It is forbidden to import your own music or to transcribe other undesirable sounds. §5.2 MusicBots Playing music via a MusicBot is only permitted with the approval of a team member. §5.3 Mutes of admins All members are not allowed to do so. §5.4 Uploading files It is not permitted to upload pornographic, racist or legally protected material and / or exchange it with other users. §6.1 Channel rules Server rules can be overridden or extended by channel rules. It is absolutely necessary to observe the channel rules. §6.2 Reporting obligation All users are encouraged to follow the TS3 server rules. If a rule offense is detected by a user, it is to be reported immediately to an admin.
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